One of the funniest Frasier episodes in existence…”Roz and the Schnoz”

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Moments in the Life of Niles Crane

  1. Niles musters up enough strength to enter a gas station bathroom. He opens the door, nearly passes out, and exits quickly before he can enter.
  2. Against his wishes, Maris has Niles walk around in the garden eliminating bees, which she is highly allergic to. When he finds one, he stiffens up and becomes unable to move. Yoshi the gardener must come to his rescue.
  3. Niles attends a dinner with a large number of guests, and upon arriving at his table is asked by a famous Seattle author where he bought his tie. Thrilled to be spoken to by such a person, he beams with pride…then finds he can’t remember where the tie was purchased.
  4. Niles travels to six different stores trying to find the perfect flowers for Daphne’s birthday. "Roses are far too common, daisies are much too simple, carnations aren’t colorful enough…"
  5. Upon seeing a crying woman in the Armani store’s parking lot, Niles stops and spends a half an hour trying to console her. After she stops crying, Niles gives her a book of spritely poems that he had bought that day and goes back home.
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